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Billy Hopeless vs. The Hip Priests 7"

by The Hip Priests and Billy Hopeless


Billy Hopeless vs. The Hip Priests! 1st up is Billy Hopeless formerly of the amazing Black Halos. Billy has been writing the best punk songs for 20+ years now. The guy seriously has never written a bad song! Its wild! So out of nowhere he sends over a new song called "Gutterball". I throw it on and my jaw drops as its without a doubt the heaviest shit Billy has ever done. It's pure rock anger that only he could pull off. I quickly thought "I need a band for side 2 that can keep up with this" so the 1st band to come to mind was The Hip Priests. After putting out their latest LP ("Black Denim Blitz" which we still have a few copies left in the store) I know the power that they bring. I told the boys, they were down and said they would record a new song stat. Without ever hearing their song the wheels started turning. But then out of nofuckingwhere they send me their best song ever. I was expecting great but "Wired Amped Skulled" is almost too good to be true. The song is so badass and the recording sound fucking unbelievable. I pressed up 500 black and white split down the middle copies. Get it now before they are all gone.